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"WORTHY" Install at Art Attack SF

Last week I had the pleasure of installing The Tracy Piper's solo exhibition "WORTHY" at Art Attack SF. We allocated two days for this endeavor in preparation for a VIP Preview and an Opening Reception on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 in conjunction with the Castro Art Walk!

Checkout some behind-the-scenes photos and a video compilation of the install...

Day #1:

With limited time to spare, it's always great to have a plan of attack! In the early afternoon, Tracy arrived with 12 new works she completed for the exhibition. After much discussion about the artwork arrangement (and several cups of coffee), we decided to spotlight six of her larger paintings on the two main gallery walls—in addition to incorporating several paintings from her previous series "You Are Loved" to support the "WORTHY" narrative.

With a hanging plan in motion, I gathered all of the essential tools for install: spackling paste, sandpaper, paint, hammer, nails, water (hydration = key), and of course comfy shoes!

Let's do this!

But first!

Before hammering any nails into the wall, I like to keep these basic artwork tips in mind:

  • Choose the right height: With the space and artwork in mind, create an imaginary horizontal line for consistent vertical placement of the works, at a viewer-friendly height. I tend to hang artwork with a midline of 61"at Art Attack SF since the walls have a ledge/exposed piping. For reference, the standard height is 57".

  • Curate: Decide how many works will realistically fit on the wall(s). Overcrowding can cause viewers to feel overwhelmed and detracts attention from individual works. (If stacking, smaller and lighter-color works go well above larger and darker-color works). Arrange artwork around the room to help guide the process.

  • Sleep on it: If you're not pressed for time, plan to hang artwork the following day with fresh eyes. This gives you time to make any last-minute adjustments! In this case...time is of the essence, but I felt comfortable with the artwork arrangement after discussing with the artist!

  • Remember, less is more! Clean and simple artwork arrangements tend to attract more sales!

Now time to hang Tracy's work!

Day #2:

With the main gallery (featuring The Tracy Piper's work) installed, I focused on hanging Art Attack SF's showroom featuring the work of gallery artists: Jennifer Banzaca, Serge Gay Jr., Natalia Lvova, Jeremy Novy, and Harumo Sato.

I was too busy to snap a couple pictures, however I do have a time-lapse of the two-day installationwith some shots of the opening reception! Check it out...

"WORTHY" is on view at Art Attack SF through March 31st, 2019. Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 1pm - 6pm.

View The Tracy Piper's artwork!

I hope to see you at the gallery soon!

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